A Beginning

What to write here is difficult, but we have to start somewhere –

This blog is a product of the accumulation of having thoughts about art to collect, explorations of art theory (especially embroidery) to do, and, on the horizon, college projects to document. As such, it’s going to be a combination of different kinds of posts, including project updates and exhibition reviews.

For a bit of current context, I’m a young trans artist living in Oxford who’s just finished a BA degree (in Classics) and is about to start an Art Foundation. My main medium is hand embroidery: art to me is most fundamentally about connections, and the tangibility and physical presence of embroidery is important in that*. (Trans) identity, nature, and mental health are a few core themes. We’ll have more on all that later.

Any questions or thoughts are probably best directed to my instagram (@commongardenpan).


*Hence the name to the touch

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