Symbolism and placebo effect research

Dr Michael Mosley, back pain pills that are only rice, and that keep working even after the patient knows the truth of the placebo.

Mimes: creating belief in a scenario eg being trapped in a box.

Fake glass door prank: an object inspiring misplaced belief.

Using mirror effect to imply what isn’t there – a 3D optical illusion if you will (cf the optical illusions I draw that imply multiple spaces within a cube INSERT PHOTO)

Magnets for visualising the invisible

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Iron Filing Field Detector: visualizing the invisible- the magnetic field lines around a dipole bar magnet. In the presence of a magnetic field, ferromagnetic materials (such as iron) temporarily become magnets. Here the iron filings become dipole magnets and link up and align like tiny compass needles to follow and reveal the magnetic field lines associated with the permanent magnet underneath. Viscous silicone oil temporarily keeps the iron particles suspended yet allows for rotation and repositioning under the influence of the magnetic field. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info on where to obtain this and other amazing items featured here on @physicsfun #physics #magnetic #magnetism #magneticfield #physicstoy #dipole #dipolefield #demonstration #silicone #physicsdemo #horseshoemagnet #electromagnetism #science #scienceisawesome

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