Heat fixing testing

Top: not fixed; L: fixed for 60s at 190; R: fixed for 15s x4 at 180

Less fabric discolouration visible when fixed for 4 periods of 15s, but still some. Not sure if this will clear on washing? (this is a thin cotton)

Pink colour still pales, altho less. Possibly this is because it was mixed with red pigment, and therefore a very low pigment:binder ratio.


Fixed for 30s x2 at 190 (incl foil)

No fabric discolouration visible on pale denim.

Not sure at what temp foil+glue will wash out; need to try samples


Fixed for 60s at 190

No colour change visible on the yellow, even when fixed for 60s solid. Suggests the binder hypothesis is correct; this yellow is a high pigment:binder ratio in comparison to the low ratio of the pink.


Fixed for 60s at 190

Some slight fabric discolouration visible on the calico (thicker cotton), but it’s more even and only visible at the edge.

Orange dye has not faded, also contributing to the binder ratio hypothesis.

Washing testing

Washed at 40C, no change visible
Washed at 60C

No change visible to the orange dye at all. I don’t think the wash changed the foil either; a few little bits might have speckled off but I think it’s because the glue was handpainted and therefore thicker so the foil was over lumps.

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