Assessment notes

Louise notices that I’ve been trying to take her advice and work on a larger scale with a wider variety of media for life drawing. Both (Louise and Danny) agree that I’ve improved a lot and confidence has clearly improved a lot.

That’s what I feel my strongest area of growth is too actually: confidence. I now feel like I know who I am as a practitioner and what I value, even if I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, I know why, and I know why I have to try/experiment.

Asked Louise for feedback on my sheet style evolution, with Spellbound sheets for evidence, and she thinks it has improved and they are easier to read. Still a little confusing and still some white space that can be filled, but I think this is down to me treating them as process rather than presentation, and I’m not super bothered about it. The rowan loops sheet is best apparently.

Talking about embroidering from life (both of them v interested), and about tactility and presence in art. Danny: there’s a lot of research I can/should do re craft and tangibility. (gotta finish Albers!!)

Trans Happiness Is Real – Louise likes the advocacy, that I’m doing a real thing. That’s nice given how much thought I put into doing art that actually did something. Apparently it’s really noticeable that I *knew* about it. There’s an obvious authenticity.

To progress with the project, I’m gon a have to move out of my comfort zone. I need to find out something that I don’t know. This will probably involve dialogue, involve including other people – thus far I’ve just stuck to myself so I don’t have to worry about putting anyone else at risk and so I don’t have to worry about us having conflicting views and it complicating things.

Research trans artists !! I know à few about trans femininity, but not many trans takes on masculinity – look into this. Danny recommended Maggie nelson, Harry dodge

I have a nonbinary take: in-between spaces, liminality

Progression ops: make and sell bags*, event based art, do a sale event at a coffee shop maybs

*Louise suggested trying to get them into the Ashmo shop, but as far as the discussion of resisting institutuionalism goes, that defs counts


Danny’s comments on the form:

Taking Trans Happiness Is Real project forward into FMP and beyond.
Stay safe, consider ethics, take the right approach.
Be ambitious with how you organise this project. You could do something quite “out there”, a designed bureau where people can visit you or call you up to ask questions; a public project; a community project.
I’ll send you articles to do with public art.
How do you talk to other people, so you are not preaching to the crowd?
‘Liminality and Communitas’ by Victor Turner.
Check out The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson.
Look into event-based art.

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