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Appelez-moi Nathan

appelez moi nathan

“Which toilets should you use? Have you had surgery? What is the difference between you and a transvestite? Are not you just homosexual?… This book, which follows the complicated path of a young trans teenager in France, addresses precisely the type of questions mentioned above.” — Valentin Etancelin, Huffpost

As long as you’re going to become somebody, it might as well be yourself!

Nathan was born Lila, in a girl’s body that never suited him. With the unfailing support of his family, friends and teachers, he decides to fix that “genetic mistake.” At age 16, he starts injecting 0.8 mg. of testosterone a month.

A true and deeply moving story. The author first met Nathan at age 14, when he was still Lila. The radiant, upbeat and rare young man told her about his long, complicated psychological and medical history, and about the rejection he was subjected to. Because he wasn’t born with the right sex, Nathan had been confronted with questions without answers, and had felt a profound discomfort with his own body until the day of recognition, the day he got a diagnosis with a name: gender dysphoria. Hormone treatment finally offered him the freedom to be himself and to fix what he sees as nature’s mistake.

Non-judgmental acceptance is one of the powerful messages in this real-life graphic novel. The response to the challenge of trans-identities had long been social death. Modern technologies have pushed the transsexuality issue to the forefront of social debate today. Social networks have offered Nathans the world over a platform for both expressing themselves and formulating demands that society can no longer ignore.”

Julia Kaye @upandoutcomic


Fluidum comic

A world where everyone can swap between their male and female bodies until their 20th birthday (when they have to pick only one to settle in forever), and characters who are desperate not to have to make that choice.

Who’s the target audience? Not kids, as there are some nsfw scenes.

Interesting questions of gender fluidity, and a great fictional platform from which to explore different people’s answers to those questions:

Jesse is having a break down because they’re 19 and a half but still can’t decide, Lake is refusing to decide and is on the hunt for a rumoured figure named Alders Clay who went off grid and never picked one body, while Milo is deciding to stay male because it will give him financial stability (sports scholarship), and Rachel literally burns her male body so that she can’t be forced to wear it ever again.

PS: my comic ideas

Kid orientated?

Nail polish

Angry man on the bus

Skirts to church

Scared to tell family

Safe with friends

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