Pecha Kucha review and feedback

My summary/questions sparked

    How to keep graphic language (Ben thinks it’s v important to keep it, he likes it a lot)- website? Insta? YouTube is more clinical, but also more consumable?
    Balancing tactility with online access and the associated wider reach
    Who’s my target audience – internal community, or extra-community? (Is that a direct divide?)
    How to communicate with people? Why do people ask me questions? Personable/approachable? I have the patience & energy to answer them? They have no boundaries because I’m ‘other’?
    Issues of arrogance of voice, of assuming too much of a spokesperson for the community role? But people are curious, and I have a certain angle (nb, late starter, patient explainer) that isn’t super common [do some more YouTube research]
    Authenticity of videos – look homemade? Include graphic language? How to keep personality on YouTube?

Peter Savage

  • Anni Albers and notions about tactility introduced at the start of presentation
  • Current activity of Trans activism is presented with examples of graphic design, graffiti , stickers etc.
  • Context of own experience and the desire to communicate, engage and share is key to the project.
  • Potential additional references: Jenny Holzer and Babara Kruger
  • Is you tube the right place to host your videos or how do you make it the right place?
  • How to introduce tactility into the video form? Implied texture, graphic design that has visual texture
  • Jamie Reid’s design
  • LoFi video production? If the video production is too slick it may not read as authentic.
  • Form and content need to work together
  • Interesting and worthwhile project.

Ben Higgins (senior graphic designer at Brookes)

– Don’t lose the strong identity work from stickers and posters

– Create web page or Instagram account for videos and graphics to sit in

– Like the hard hitting questions like ‘Do you have a D**k?! – Powerful

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