THIR patches eval

Surprisingly, spray painting (with a tiny stencil) just plain acrylic paint onto fabric actually worked, and it survived a 40C jaunt in the washing machine unchanged. Came out very bright on white thick cotton, much less bright on blue and black denim, but both were appealing in different ways.

Tried emphasizing the less impactful look on dark denim using embroidery, but none of the techniques I attempted worked out well:

L to R: silver chain stitch topped with black pearl cotton straight stitch, black chain topped with silver straight, black straight, yellow straight (varying stitch length), black straight with longer stitches

All seem to obscure the writing much more than emphasize it. The only potentially good one is the yellow long stitches because the colour contrast helps the emphasis, but I’m not sure I like the introduction of another colour.

I don’t think combining stencil/spray with embroidery works like this. I do want to try patches which are embroidered, both by hand and by machine.

As far as the spray painted patches go, I tried one way of attaching them to clothing (influenced by the patches in the ASAP Rocky x Dior shoot mentioned in an earlier post), but I’m not sure it’s visually effective.

I have tried this technique with other patches in the past and liked it, so there must be an explanation for why I don’t like it here. Possible issues include: black thread is too much of a clash with a white based patch; I spaced the stitches too far apart or made them too large; the patch itself is too big and flexible/flaps around too much for this technique.

I need to try it in different colours, and try other stitching patterns like blanket stitch (misaligned so the rough edges still show?) and straight stitch on a sewing machine, but I’m not sure how far up the list of priorities this falls this close to the exhibit.

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