Tips and feedback 30/4/19

Peter suggested that I pretend in the YouTube videos that they are interviews – ie look past the camera as if looking at an interviewer, rather than trying to keep eye contact with the camera (which I’m struggling with). Must be worth a try at least, although it might be difficult to pull off without actually having another person in the video. I can try to frame the question as if I’ve just been asked it maybe.

He also reminded me not to be scared of experimenting.

Louise’s general tips:

  • Prep a range of prints
  • Range of fixings and bulldog clips exist – think abt which ones you use
  • Plan and test presentation. Every bit counts
  • Planning and production
  • Try to be in everyday (someone else might need you to move your work etc) during install
  • Whole install and show is a learning experience
  • It always takes longer than you think
  • No need to spend loads of money on framing

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