Crit with PS Tuesday 7.5.19

  • How can I broadcast that this is not the end of the project, that there are more phases to come; present my strategy explicitly? Label the zine issue one? Include a (joke) publisher page – published by me in my room Oxford 2019? ‘Issue 2 expected summer 2019’?
  • Do a whole bunch of prototype tests: typography and handwritings (cut out letters from magazines?), capitals or not, layouts, different photos, printed map vs drawn, 1 photo per page vs overlaps and cramming, page sizes, overall size, orientation, stencils (what if I stencil a whole alphabet and can cut and paste letters?), bindings (staple, none, sewn), inclusion of text
  • How to tie in the YouTube? Is the YouTube still a priority in the run up to final show?
  • To do: zine research, prototypes, how to imply future continuation

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