Non-binary underwear research

People can be masculine and still want to be luxurious, sexy, pretty. People can have boobs and still be masculine and still want to be all those things. There is very little lingerie or underwear available for masculine people who have boobs and still want to be pretty / sexy.There are very few top-wear options for people who have boobs, favour a masculine cut, but still want to have sexy fabrics and prints. There are only slightly more options for men’s/masculine boxers in sexy fabrics and prints.


Make your own boxer briefs (stretch boxer fit) – your own boxer shorts (shorts, not stretch trunks) – selection of boxer recipes (men’s shorts and one women’s stretch option) – your own robe –

Sewing techniques

How to sew with elastic – with velvet and organza – sewing tutorials in general –

Market comparisons/ purchasable things


Men’s cut boxers in sporty cut and fun/cute prints – not sexy/luxurious/pretty

.Lingerie diva – some v peculiar options, but a few mens boxers in sexy fabrics for women, but boyshort cut and dark teal colour with nice print and lace (plus size)

Options which are sets, for men / masculine people

Men’s briefs with lace panels! they do trunks and other cuts as wellLace tank to match!’s sheer lace shorts and cami – like Carli&Daniel’s men’s outfit on Next in Fashion with matching cami!


Origami customs; some cool binders ($$$) with mesh panels, detailing, different cuts and fabrics. Also a few things that look like cool boxers (with mesh panels), but are actually strap on harnesses. of binders, some colorful/pretty options – GC2B used to have a rainbow binder, but they don’t make it anymoreShapeshifters have lace options! As well as other prints and custom prints also have sports bras that are in a binder shape and therefore less feminine, but not as constricting as a binder! And come in flower prints as well as lace and others they’ve also done other textures including velvet garments have a sheer binder


Non-binary 1920s style swimwear – robes – lace shirt velvet trench coat

Gender-reclaiming inspo from Next In Fashion (1, 5)

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