Context updated

Hi readers (hi mum),

I’m trying to properly come back to this blog, and given the last time I provided some context was 2018 under pretty different circumstances, I figured it would be good to introduce myself again.

This used to be an art student blog, but these days I use the online platform to record sewing/crafting makes, and tips or patterns I’d like to try one day, anything I need to record more quickly than I can draw. Most everything else I craft goes in my sketchbook or sometimes on Instagram. You can find me there as @commongardenpan, I go by Luca/Luke (he/him), and if I ever get to posting on Pattern Review I’m LukeH96 there too.

In 2021 I’m sewing on my mum’s old Jones VX807, which I think can more technically be known as a Brother VX807, as Jones was bought by Brother in ’68? Either way she’s the only machine I’ve known, and I love her. We’ve gone through some random crafting, machine embroidery, some larger fine-art type erratic work, and we’re now trying our hand at some garment sewing. She did her first buttonhole ever recently, and did so beautifully.

I’ve also pledged my heart to the Singer 99K which belonged to my nana, and as soon as I have room in my rental flat I’ll be googling how to clean her up and run her again.

In the rest of my life I work in admin at a university, spend my money on food and tattoos, and try to draw regularly enough to apply for a tattoo apprenticeship in the not-too-distant future. I very rarely believe in ‘less is more’ and I’m a sucker for florals and fun textures.

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