Paisley Winslow Culottes pt 2 – muslin waistband.

Part 1 was too long so here we are!

Did a bunch of chaotic waistband maths (when I have a maths breakdown, I have to do it in writing). Cut waistband, sewed short ends together, pressed seam open, folded and pressed in half. Sewed waistband to culottes leaving two gaps. Pressed SA up, changed my mind, pressed it down again. Cut elastic, inserted elastic, lost the end, found it again, sewed elastic down at side seams. Closed the two gaps, didn’t bother finishing the seam the side seams as it’s a muslin, took out the basting stitches. (I gotta say, I may not be able to sew in a reliable straight line yet, but I’m pretty pleased I sewed to measurements well enough I didn’t cross that 1/8″ gap and catch my basting stitches in my sewing!)

The basting holding the right pocket to the pleat and front came a little loose at the end, so the pocket and pleat are about a 1/4″ lower in the SA than the front, and the pocket droops a tiny bit. Good to note and avoid, and the parts I basted with pearl cotton didn’t work loose in the same way.

Didn’t hem them, so I can check length on Mouse as much as possible, and so, with great excitement, I am proud to announce that THAT is a complete muslin:

!!!!! And the 3rd garment I have ever made from scratch

I actually don’t hate this fabric; if they fit her, I might even finish the seams and call it a wearable muslin. I’ll take them to London on Thursday for a fitting – part 3 to follow!

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