Comfy town: completed green velvet dungarees

Woohoo!! 4th(?) hand-made garment completed, including a pretty massive pattern-hacking endeavour. Plus matching scrunchie, ‘cos if it’s not face-mask fabric, it’s scrunchie fabric 🙂 And, completed in time to wear on March 25th – happy surgery-versary to me!!


  • 3″ extra length on the leg is maybe a touch long. Try 2″? Leg shape is good
  • Cuff measurements are also good (11 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ incl SA)
  • Sewing the bits that curl up (espec waistband) with 3/8″ SA did not work – had to get a thinner elastic for the waistband. Increase those SAs to at least 5/8″
  • LOVE the elastic strap modification. So comfy. Sitting ease WHO?!
  • Love the slant pockets. Never again should I make floppy Dumbo ear inseam pockets that mess with the ease at the hip
  • CB waistband is at correct height. At side seams it’s a little high and at front it’s still high waisted, 1″ above where I wear trousers. For joggers, remove the 1″ wedge I took out of CB, and take a straight 1″ out of the whole rise all the way round.
  • With wear, especially to sit down, there is not actually too much width at the top front of the legs.
  • As a whole, the waistband needs to either sit higher (properly at natural waist) or lower (where I’d wear trousers, as above). Right over the stomach is not the most flattering/comfortable. For higher, add to rise all round I guess, and remove the weird triangle at base of front bib (IE square it off). For lower, try the joggers rise adjustments as above?
  • Tape the pattern pieces together to trace off a new better-fitted dungarees pattern, with no waistband, just 1 front and 1 back piece? (Plus patch pockets, or waist seam to add slant pockets)
  • When I first started reading about fitting, I really underestimated how hard it would be to force myself to *just make one ch

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