Postscript to the green velvet dungarees

Nothing’s finished until you’ve worn it a couple days and made at least a few more edits to it, right? Right? Maybe I’m just still in the testing phase of skill-acquisition.

The stomach-articulating darted pocket was annoying me, and I felt the colour blocking was also unbalancing things. So I ripped off the pocket, removed the dart, and cut a new green velvet pocket, turning the original black pocket into a lining.

For the future, I’m considering moving the darts from front top to reductions at side seam? Because darts in the sides would keep the unnecessary stomach-articulation still?

Then – I PUT THEM AWAY FOR A WHILE. If you stop looking, you’ll stop tinkering, and fresh eyes stand a better chance of properly appreciating the good bits.

Much happier with the post-script pocket edits!!! And I’m having great fun with the styling – they seem to need a ‘bigger’/floatier top to balance the skimming and cuffed legs. Once I cracked that I’m very comfortable wearing them even to work.

[Ed: I’m sure I also ripped out the front bib/waistband seam and trimmed the triangle off the front bib, but I can’t find the notes now. Anyway I’m sure I did it to the trousers – not sure if I did it to the pattern piece…]

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