Mouse’s Culottes – completed and modelled!

Plus the matching scrunchie!

So exciting!!! Finally got to see my sister and give her her birthday present, which also means I got to convince her to model them and have a photoshoot. They go on! They fit! They suit! They go with her other clothes! I feel like I sold my soul for magick.

I was worried about the structural quality of this poly crepe, but it actually stands out in the pleats and swishes at the hem beautifully. I’m so happy with it! And the COLOURS!

Above is what I got when I asked for a sideview, I guess we had just finished the Easter egg hunt. Kiddo on the right is the youngest of the 3 of us and not to be outdone in floral skirting.

You can see slightly more side view below, or at least a bit more of how the hem hangs. The dog and the flowers are of course essential props, the child in the background was just lucky timing.

I call this one ‘Florals in an Essex Wheatfield

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