Home Futures @ Design Museum 11/1/19

Primary inspo for sustainable futures project: Ken Isaacs’ construction manual, Archizoom’s DIY adaptable clothing

^cf Foucault’s panopticon

*emotionally* sustainable futures?

^this is a pun

^multiple bits of this exhibit made me want to take a nap

^examples of sketchbook pages. I find these comforting, as opposed to some I have seen elsewhere, that were every inch of space crammed with drawings. The latter doesn’t make much sense to me, either as a way of working or as a way of recording your work to look back at.

^a minimalist approach to clothing. Multipurpose and adaptable garments. Anti-fast fashion.

‘Gradually removing the need to own many objects… Are we any closer to not needing the comforts of a traditional home?’
What is a home? Objects? A feeling? Cf minimalism (Marie kondo) as a method towards making a house feel MORE like a home

^amused by the adaption of the city to a bar

If this guy hadn’t coerced his wife into allowing strangers back into their house after she was uncomfortable and into selling him her clothes etc, I could kinda back his scheme. As is, gross af

Nest =absolutely fantastic

^much comfier than you’d think

‘Humanising technology’

‘reimagine the domestic environment as a landscape’

Cf this improvised vacuum to eg hairdryer made from materials rescued from a skip. At least the former has explanation/instruction which means it could be recreated and isn’t limited to the tiny scale of that particular artist’s creativity. To be clearer, just making stuff out of rubbish on an individual basis isn’t an accessible or sustainable model for recycling. Maybe it opens a dialogue, but other than that it’s a dead end.

‘Isaacs argued that the process of building is made to seem more complicated than it is. His manuals illustrated how to return to more simple construction methods.’ ACCESSIBILITY!!!! I need to get a copy of this.

Idea: an illustrated manual on how to repair + lightly customise clothes? It’s not as complicated as it’s made out to be. Anti fast fashion ☠️

^cf @milkwoodpermaculture

^cf tiny houses. Extreme minimalism, of space.

‘Does squeezing more functionality out of less space respond to our human needs?’
Do we really need space or have we just associated it so strongly with luxury and ease and comfort? Do those two scenarios have the same effects, are they essentially the same thing?

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