Neil feedback 17.1.19

My sketchbook is very dense, mostly black pen quick drawings and notes. I’ve been worried that I should be worried about a lack of painting or collaging or heavy sampling like in the others’ so it was nice that he approached that with interest rather than negativity. I’ve been trying to be more visual with my note taking since I talked with Louise about being more visual and less literary, but to a certain extent sketchbooks full of notes is just how my process works. It’s about recording thought patterns and planning and recording steps taken. So quite instructional.

Cf the fully visual IKEA instructional manuals. Consider taking all the words out of my pages and see what’s left?

Consider making IKEA style flat pack spells? Borrow the legitimising authority of the IKEA style by using it to frame my work.

Make a book or manual of a spell? Or cards, not ordered. Be interesting to see how people cope with and interact with instructions with only partial information. Can use sustainable futures to explore this manual / collection of visual instruction, to develop my visual language.

Consider just my mind maps or note sprawls as the work/art, rather than putting it through a print cycle or drawing it or something.

Cf Jeremy Deller:


18.1.19 Update: trying to embrace combining my semi-scientific step-orientated note taking with more visuals:

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