FMP research: youtubers

Eg: Princess Joules


It is about sharing experiences and information (there’s a video lower down about her dad accepting her), but it seems more like shouting into the void than a dialogue?

Eg: Chandler N Wilson


Very familiar as the kind of voice that shares content (very helpfully!!) mostly directed at other trans people: the effects of hormones, or voice transition videos, etc.

For the cis (non-trans) eye

I’m interested in something like this, that tries to communicate and explain. What is it missing? It’s short and heavily cut, so you don’t get a strong sense of the people’s personalities and how approachable they are; it’s only one video so there’s no chance of people having questions sparked by this video and then getting them answered next time (it’s a conversation or a tennis volley with only 2 shots).

Also, because these are entertainment videos, the questions are approached with sarcasm and humour – and that’s great when the audience is me, but it’s not so great for actually conveying information? In my experience when people feel laughed at they’re less likely to listen to my answer. I’m interested in something that tries to be sincere and genuine and take the conversation seriously, since I seem to have the patience for that available.

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