Trans Happiness Is Real questions

I’m torn about the value of saying the same thing over and over again. On the one hand, it feels a bit like shouting aimlessly, and I feel like I should be trying to grow and evolve the message each time I say something. On the other, this is an important message that a lot of people need to receive, society needs to receive it deeply, and that sort of thing bears repeating: you need to say it a lot in order for it to sink in and permeate a lot of different people’s consciousness. I suppose in that case it’s about saying the same thing over and over again but in different ways, to try to permeate society from multiple angles. To do that, I need to keep going with graffiti, but also with prints, postcards, Instagram, stickers, t shirts, bags, selling stuff, patches (tactility), etc etc. Pushing the message out there on different levels.

Typography – talk to Louise.

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