Graffiti patches attempt: issues of framing

Tiny stencil hard to cut neatly: NEED TO TRY LASER CUTTING

But is still legible! And seemed to survive a 40C washing machine cycle fine – the spray paint is just nitro-acrylic – which is v useful and necessary.

Was planning on trimming it in a circle, hemming it, possibly sewing on an iron-on backing on in the process. But the extra-stencil blow out is such an appealing (and DIY authentic) aesthetic that I’m tempted to keep it, and keep the square shape.

I’m reminded of the patches in this ASAP Rocky x Dior shoot, square and sewn on with jagged uneven statement stitches:

That kind of method of framing would work with the square shape, the rough edges, the DIY and punk aspect of the graffiti/handmade aesthetic. If I trimmed the stencil too, I could get the blow out closer to the text, so that there’s less empty white space, and the framing is closer.

Need to try it!

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