Crit 9.4.19

Who’s important that you get to?

Normalization vs assimilation?

Try two formats? This format is great for interpolating people’s days. Try another format for people who need to be educated

Use YouTube questions and answers in street art? ‘There’s nothing more powerful than a well told fact’

Keep pushing authenticity and handmade

Badges? Could be a message something more ambiguous, cf ‘I wasn’t recruit3d, I enlisted’ or ‘don’t die wondering’

If YouTube is too intimidating maybe try voice memos or podcasts. Podcasts have that diy zine culture aspect

For the YouTube have it be me talking to someone else -more dialogue and easier for me?

Look at websites that help you look up google searches with few results – unanswered questions

Matilda ask me your unanswered questions

Make a sandwich board and take some mates

Sensitivity to how people feel about graffiti – are you gonna turn people off the message? At some point you gotta stop trying to make yourself palatable, you can’t make yourself palatable to everyone

The Moss. Would be cool to do it bigger, greener, more iterations. Keep that for the future? Could grow flat moss and then cut letters out. File for future projects

Pick a question and try like 5 diff ways of making that video and then see which ones best – test loop?

Need to find a visual equivalent of the diy handmade authentic vibe for the YouTube channel

Cf Sesha’s interview techniques of giving people a quote and asking what they think of it – could I use it for introducing dialogue? Either for myself or for others.

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