Final phases: priorities

Looking now at the last two weeks before I have to be ready for install, it feels time to stop pushing and developing every avenue possible, and instead buckle down to pick some priorities to focus on finishing them for the exhibition. Especially since the final show won’t be the end of my project, it’s just a showcase of a snapshot of what I’m doing right now and have done thus far; I’m using Peter’s model of viewing the project as a whole made up of phases. I just now need to decide what to prioritize for this phase, and what to table for later.

Priorities: zine (for exhibition), YouTube? Plywood on posters for exhibition? Even those three may be too much. Top priority then is zine because it’s the component that best combines tactility, accessibility, distribution, and communication.

Tabled: moss progress, patches, portraits/fabric wheat pasting, stickers (digital), Q&Q posters, broader YouTube development, business cards, (pushing the YouTube for public interaction)

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