Zine research

Size?? Smaller than A5 for sure. Maybe i like the smaller sense, for a better feeling of it being handheld

Love the text over white – try using masking tape to write on? Might come out cool and diy in photocopies

Text! Is this crayon? Just directly over the image. I kind of love it. It’s very personal – cf my handwritten additions to the faces posters.

Also – printed on graph paper – disrupts a potentially bland/aggressive white background; maybe I should consider printing on interesting paper. Got to balance background interest with colour quality

Love the size and colour contrast of the pages. Printing on different colour papers might be beyond the DIY attempt to produce 50+ copies that I’m trying rn. Maybe for future issues?

More size references. I’m struggling to decide what I prefer. Basically trying to choose between A5 and A6 (as well as orientation) because I want to keep it a size that’s not complicated to cut in large numbers

Text!! Very handwritten. Very personal, human, think I like it but its a bit childish in style.

Also – this is just black and white on plain printer paper. And it’s still cool and intriguing.

These are adorable and I love the binding – incl the colour coord. Hard to tell size but I think they look A6 or smaller

I think flat A5 maybe feels too official, like an MP canvassing leaflet or a doctors leaflet?

Don’t like this content but including it as a reference for a very intensive and overlapped a page. Must take a lot of consideration of composition? Big scrapbooking vibes

Love the text highlight on this too. Can you get coloured masking tape? (continuation of masking tape text idea above)

Diane!! https://www.andrefrereditions.com/en/books/photography/diane/

Really like these photo aesthetics, espec the roses. I think that atmosphere is what I’m trying to get hold of with the disposables.

For tracing paper pages, cf Anne Carson’s AntigoNick

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