Displaying zines

Masking tape?

Masking tape is too invasive and ugly.

Pinned up? Orderly?

Pins definitely better than masking tape, but not sure I like it orderly. Seems too neat, and if it’s going to be orderly then it needs to be perfect, and that’s not in line with the aesthetic or the principles of the thing.

Pinned dynamically, like butterflies. I think this is the best option I’ve tried, because it seems the most energetic. I want it to look like I threw them at the wall and stuck them up in 5 minutes, the authentic diy low-cost aesthetic – tho that will take effort obvs.

Definitely also prefer clear pins to brass tacks – less visually invasive. Need to go pin shopping.

Considering pinning them up in a line at eye level – this seems to give too chronological an implication? Arrangement might have to be done in context. Also I need to get an installation space where I can pin stuff to the wall. Or, I could pin them to one of my wood panels and lean that against the wall – if it needs to be eye level then do that on top of the table/plinth?

Considering using bulldog clips instead of pins. The issue there is that the associations are more of pre-planning, caution with the work, being very careful not to damage it etc – not the associations of low-cost, available materials, diy.

Similar issue with the consideration of hanging them up: that has a strong sense of installation, fine art vibes; rather than diy and informative like the pins options gives.

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