Handwritten (Heller and Ilic)

‘it requires artistry to concoct the perfect scrawl… Gridlocked deisng is so standardised as to be unrepentantly knee jerk. Conversely, for scrawled lettering to succeed, it takes a modicum of trial and error and an acute sense of what works’ p10

‘I never did calligraphy… But hand writing is an entirely different kind of thing. It’s part of the syndrome of Modernism… It’s part of that asceticism.’ ‘the handwritten scrawl is not just an emblem of Modernism, nor simply a symbol of asceticism. It is also a tool of postwar anti-modernism and 1980s and 1990s postmodernism, used to dirty the sanctified (and often monotonous) modernist grid’ p11

-rejecting of authority, officialdom, the establishment and ornament in favour of asceticism; but also expression of personality, and rejection of the establishment in its iteration as digital rigidity and stark grids (marker scrawl to show contempt for bourgeois design p15)

The unavoidable personality inherent in handwriting; no matter how much you practice or train, your hand has traits that shine through. In the midst of a deeply personal, low-budget (both financial and temporal) project – I should just embrace the personality that shoves to the front in my handwriting?

Note: changes in media, size, temperament can greatly change the natural accents of a hand. Rather than practice for hours to try to make my natural hand as appealing as possible, I should just find the medium and size that best frames it?

What about using supports like tracing guidelines?

What about the use of colour in conveying personality? Or in aiding legibility?

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