Wed morning install update

Email from Sarah re thoughts from yday:

  • My work is the interventions around town, and the interactions people have with it and because of it – difficult to document
  • Look at Lawrence Weiner
  • Consider making the whole wall my artists statement; eg pasting/taping newsprint in pieces onto the wall and writing onto it

Louise wants to move me a section left, to the corner directly by the door

This is a more complicated space, but I think that gives it several advantages

  • Being directly next to the door and the glass front of the building gives it more of an outside context, which is appropriate for street art
    Being on a more complicated wall (with hooks, fire alarm, light switches to work around) disrupts the potential sense of being in a clean white sterile gallery, and provides more of the challenges of working around permanent features – again appropriate for street art. Working on the street involves shoving your work around stuff wherever you can make it fit, and this echoes that.

I thought there might be an issue in that I can’t staple or pin into this wall. But David says as long as we avoid the areas directly above and below the lights and fire alarm it’s ok, which is fine because I can just arrange stuff so that I don’t need to put a nail in there. It’s just another feature to work around.

Also, if I like the taping up bits of newsprint idea, I don’t even need to worry about nails.

I tried out the plain pink writing on a line of newsreel idea, and I hate it. Both when pinned up straight and at an angle

I think it’s a combination of: the edges are too straight (in which case the taped up pieces of newsprint will be better), there’s no colour variation in the text, the colour contrast between paper and text doesn’t work well (maybe I need lighter newsprint? Or paint it roughly with gesso? Maybe the text in pink is too light?)

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