Thoughts from first installation attempt (tues afternoon)

    • It’s good to include a board with pasted posters ‘gives you an iconographical language with which to recognize stuff on road’
    • ‘A word from the artist’ issues: legibility vs urgency + emotion. Consider it bigger, pasted to wall, sections highlighted, more and less margins, using colours/textures/methods used in the rest of the work? Pink acrylic pen?
    • Consider pasting zines and or statement and or posters to wall. I’m resistant to putting art in the gallery because of the importance of art being in daily life. BUT: I’ve already got art in daily life (does this negate that? Is time spent on putting up work in the gallery time that could be better spent on the street or online or zines), this isn’t a gallery it’s the foyer of a student building
    • Pasting or nailing posters to the wall?
    • Nailing zines to wall rather than pinning them? I feel like the aggression of nailing them helps to calm the resistance to putting art in the gallery (invading the space?)
      Consider the angle of the table. Difficult because really I’m dealing with 180 degrees of audience. I think I want to catch attention as people come through the door. This will make more sense when the surrounding pieces are also installed (Eddie is bringing his large stuff tomorrow I think)
      If the point is 1) trans happiness is real and 2) art should be outside the gallery and accessible, think about how I can make that point in other ways than just keeping the work out of the gallery? How can I draw people to my point? (Not sure abt this)
      Test larger scale versions of the zines on the wall
      How do I connect the table and the wall? Visually or physically. Do I want to?

    Summary to work on: artists note, zines on wall, potential posters on wall, affixing method for wall, ethics/how to convey the principle that art shouldn’t be locked in the gallery, table angle

    Guiding principles continue from summary; presence + accessibility, tactility, distribution of message

    If I’ve already put street art out, I need to now be thinking about how to distribute my message (artists note in this case?) with as much accessibility, presence, tactility as possible

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