Jenny Holzer write up/recap

How do you know that what you have to say is worth screaming as large as buildings? Where does she get these phrases from? Some of them aren’t clear what they’re actually about, why she’s putting so much energy into saying them; a bit close to just being aesthetics?

Projection: street art that isn’t sure enough of itself to try a semblance of permanence? It’s dramatic, but something in it also feels cowardly. Is it because it’s easier?: to get building-high words, it’s much easier to project them than to try to paint the whole building (is it? I’ve never tried, to be fair)

Is there a specific energy about street art in the night? Quiet city covered in words. Maybe even that the city is speaking. I wonder if I can get glow in the dark spray paint. Try experimenting with that energy.

Love this ^, the shock energy of expecting to see traffic info vel sim but instead seeing this strong emotional phrase. Sort of the same thing as I was trying to achieve with the train station platform edit (this is what Louise was talking about with the power of context):

Cf Holzer’s 125 Years

To do:

  • Glow in the dark paint
  • Try street signs, or another way to get the establishment to frame my message (try asking Pitt Rivers or a queer museum if I can put moss on their wall??)
  • Think about actual choices of words: what’s the strongest communication
    Think about how to work BIGGER

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