Tuesday install update

  • Everything on the wall is now fixed on with Velcro tape; should be sticky enough to stay up fine, nothing I’ve put up is even very heavy (this is after consulting with tutors and fellow students on what’s a better choice than double sided tape. Also considered nails – too obtrusive – and just loads of double sided tape – but Velcro tape is stronger)
  • Successfully added a stencil to the wall composition, managed to combine it with the hooks (which are unavoidably part of the wall) and further incorporate them into the composition. Also like this because it adds an element of 3D to the wall, and helps with the colour balance
  • Zines are now photocopied at 141% onto good paper, and added to the wall. Couldn’t get hold of A3 good paper easily/quickly, but I solved that by just photocopying each spread in halves, and therefore only needing A4
  • The zine box and donations jar have now been sprayed to match the street art, and also have been labelled. Wrote directly onto the donations jar (not appropriate space for a sticker) in the same capitals as I used for some of the handwritten slogans on the faces posters. For the box, I used a sticker like the street stickers (although had to adhere it with double sided tape, since its own adhesive isn’t strong enough to stick to sprayed acrylic paint)
    • Added a zine page to the table to strengthen the visual link between table and wall
    • Tried putting a posterboard in the window, because it seems nonsensical to not address the audience coming from the side, to not take the opportunity to grab the audience ASAP, even if they are seeing the work through the window (see below). Need to consider possible sites around campus for poster boards, and number of poster boards, and decide where this falls in the priority (suspect it will be high? Depends whether anything else is in the windows, eg general show marketing )

    • Still need to add stickers to the table and wall
    • Still need to write eval, print proposal and eval
    • Still need to make more zines (new cover stencil?)
    • Still need to get and spray a box for under table zines
    • Another street art hit before show??

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