Pocket time for pink tunic

This post picks up directly from the last one.

Pocket time! Going for a kangaroo pocket to continue to oversized hoodie vibe 😀 Started by sewing together the two square pockets I had removed to make a rectangle – made sure the nap was matching on both. Finished the join seam with a zigzag. Mended a small straight hole in one end (from some overzealous seam ripping) with a long bar tack, and then I really like what that looks like, so I decided to position the pocket upside down (with the nap pointing up) so I get to keep that part rather than lose it to the pocket diagonal opening.

Pinned all the edges under and tried to make it as straight edged as possible. Then measured 4″ in each side at the top, 3″ down at each side, and folded under the connecting triangles. Didn’t want to press this squishy fleece, so pinned the hell out of it. Pinned it to the main garment to check the openings were big enough to get my hand in. Took it off the main garment again, hand basted the folded triangles down, then sewed the folded triangles down the make the diagonal openings – started and finished my sewing about an inch round the corner to secure the folded seam allowance down.

Trimmed the triangles off to leave about a half inch seam allowance, finished that with a zigzag (instead of backstitching some zigzag at beginning and end, I am experimenting with doing a few very short straight stitches to secure and then switching to zigzag. It seems neater). I should maybe have finished all the folded under edges actually? But I did not. I was worried about the corners and didn’t want to unpin the thing to do it. Oh well if I get fluff in the pocket I get fluff in the pocket.

Used a beloved RTW hoodie to figure out how high the pocket should sit – my pink pocket is not as tall as the turquoise RTW one, I marked the top and bottom of the turquoise on the pink tunic with a pin and pitched the pink pocket in between those two pins.

Pinned and handbasted the pink pocket down, sewed it down with a very slight zigzag, and bartacks at the openings and corners – for strength and because I like the white bartack on the pink fluffy fleece. Complet!

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