Adding pockets to fluffy pants

My kid sibling has these great fluffy sweats, but they have no pockets! Tragedy! And so I’m using this stretch knit white sherpa fleece I happen to have to add patch pockets. It’s a similar weight luckily, tho an opposite colour, so they’re getting accent pockets

  • Drafted a pocket shape – wanted them to be big (no point in tiny pockets)
  • Pinned my pattern piece to my fabric and cut out a pocket, eyeballing seam allowance. Flipped the pattern piece to cut the other pocket. Not the most accurate method but it’s only pocket so I’m not worried about eg fit issues
  • Both my fabrics are stretch knit so I’m switching to a stretch needle and will be using a wide zigzag stitch
  • Cleaned my machine first to give her the best shot at handling all this fluff
  • Like for the other squishy fleece I used recently, a slightly higher top thread tension seems better – 4
  • Zigzagged all round the edge to finish it. A #2 length was appealing visually but caused the edge to stretch/curl. 3.5 was a better balance between neat zigzag but not curly edge
  • Folded and pinned the diagonal opening edge under, stitched down with a zigzag
  • Wonderclipped the seam allowance under all the way round
  • Pinned the pocket to the trousers, starting by measuring 4cm out and 15cm down from the waistband/side seam corner, and moving out from there
  • Carefully turned all the wonder clips over so it lay flatter
  • Sewed the pocket to the trousers with a top stitch zigzag situation (not sure if that officially can be called top stitching?). Started with the left pocket and couldn’t turn round all the corners in one go, so stopped at the bottom and started again from the other end – overlapped and backstitched my stitching where I stopped at the bottom to secure. Advantage of that is the bottom is sewn down twice for strength I guess. Also backstitched at the corners of the pocket, and at the ends of the stitching lines (switched to a straight short stitch to start/finish when I remembered)

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