Button ankle tabs for dungarees

Added button tabs to give myself the option of wearing the wide legs as is, or wearing them buttoned narrower into a tapered leg. I didn’t want to just alter the legs to be tapered, because I like that the wide leg can be so easily rolled up to go in the river or sea.

  • A lot of trial and error here
  • First, sewed the strip at the halfway point on the wrong side, so the triangle formed on the wrong side. Unpicked that and did it again, wrong sides together
  • On the first tab, I pressed the triangle point, then turned it inside out to sew the long sides together, which was a bit of a palaver to get close to the ends. Then turned that back right side out and top stitched down, pressed etc. Added the button hole!
  • The second tab I thought I’d try it a different way, and top stitched the triangle point down before turning the tab inside out to sew the long edges. Only I top stitched too close to the edge, too far into the seam allowance of the long edge, so when I turned it inside out it wouldn’t go, and I had to unpick some of each end and turn it inside out again.
  • Then, once I had got the long edges sewn and the tab turned right side out, I had a bother poking the seam allowance at the corners of the triangle point back inside the seam line, as I had to fight the top stitching which wanted it to lay flat and straight out (like a devil tail)
  • Of course the day after I finished this I saw a video where the very first step is pressing the seam allowance under down both sides of the long strip, before you even fold it in half and sew at the halfway point to form the triangle, thereby eliminating all this faff with the seam allowance. You would just make the triangle and go straight to top stitching. Next time! https://www.instagram.com/p/CRcpcr9rgrZ/?utm_medium=copy_link

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