✨patterns wishlist 2022✨

My style is absolutely dissolving at the moment so I’m not even going to try sectioning this up or categorising it. It’s just an ongoing consideration-board! No edits are final…

Long cardigan. Swoopy fun, and I wonder if I made it light and v neck if I could tuck into jeans for masc days? And Erica’s right, animal print is a neutral http://www.ericabunker.com/2021/02/mixed-animal-print-cardigan.html?m=1
As a shirt, with a lace yoke?? Minus the collar ruffles. Possibly with back pleat(s) instead of gathers. https://www.folkwear.com/products/201-prairie-dress
Swim socks??? https://www.ellieandmac.com/products/sew-it-forward-sock-pattern
Trousers with a back waist? https://handmadebycarolyn.com.au/2015/07/not-quite-so-baggy-blue-pants.html

On trouser style and side adjustors (get buckles with teeth for hold??): https://www.permanentstyle.com/2020/01/suit-style-9-trouser-cuffs-belts-and-tabs.html

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