Winslow Culottes for Mouse pt 3 – fitting

  • Waist was too big. I could take it out of the side seams, but I also pinned it out at CB, and since the back is gathered I think I can just shorten the elastic. Then we won’t lose any fabric width swish either
  • As stated in the pattern, and despite the 1″ decrease I made, the rise may be a bit long in the front. However we think if we shorten it more she won’t have room for her bum in the back, so we’re leaving it. It’s not long enough to be weird or get in the way in the front (for future consideration and testing – take a wedge out of the front rise to shorten the front rise without shortening the back or mismatching the side seams?)
  • This maximum length minus about 1.5″ for the hem is great, hits her a bit above the knee

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