Wed afternoon install update

This is where I’m at:


  • Double sided tape not packing tape to stick stuff to the wall – will double sided tape stay up for whole exhibition? Need to ask louise
  • Text directly over newspaper isn’t legible
  • Gold pen (large or small) is only suitable for highlighting, not the text itself
  • Pink pen is also better for highlighting than text? The black sharpie is the most legible, but I need to test it as the whole thing only in black may be too impenetrable for the eye
  • Newsprint/newsreel makes for clearer text than newspaper, even with white gesso over the newspaper
  • White gesso/acrylic over the newsreel makes for more dramatic text, and visualizes the tactility/pasting element well
  • Do I have enough newsreel? Bring mine from home? It’s paler, and may change things
  • Having the statement on six pieces of torn paper and including zines (blown up) and posters in the composition is effective in looking like I just threw the stuff at the wall (although the composition will ofc actually take some thought and trialing)
  • Having posters on the wall and on the table connects the wall and table
  • Using pink/black on white on brown on the wall, with torn and pasted textures, connects the wall to the aesthetics of the work well
  • I was right, I do think working around the permanent features of the wall (hooks, lights, fire alarm) connects to the street art aesthetic
  • Need to use zine spreads from lots of different colour spreads, to avoid the wall being too blue-green
  • Also, photocopying zine spreads onto recycled paper messes with the colour. I need to source some A3 paper of my own to print on
  • Boxes of zines underneath will break up the under table space well; need to get some boxes, and make loads more zines
  • I haven’t put up all the zine spreads or posters. There’s room for more in the composition
  • Try putting up stickers on the wall composition as well!!
  • Take advantage of the window by putting posters in the window, or putting a posterboard outside? Maybe I need to make some more posters
  • The table comes up lower than I thought, so the 6 newsprint panels can be a 2-2-2 snake:

Summary: make more zines, get boxes, try stickers, get A3 paper, test wall statement, ask Louise about double sided tape, bring newsreel from home, try posters in window/outside

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