Monday install update

  • Think I’ve got the statement on the wall sorted, except for fixative issues: it’s currently stuck up with a stripe of double sided tape at the top and bottom of each panel, but a couple fell down within 24 hrs. Not sure how to fix this? More tape? Sticky Velcro double sided stuff?
  • More ideas on how to link the table and the wall together visually: put one of the stencils up on the wall, put one of the zine spreads on the table, put stickers on the table and the wall
  • Still need to print zine blow ups on proper paper – library?
  • Still need to get a box for under-table zines (and make more zines)
  • Still need to print proposal and write and print final evaluation
  • Amy suggests labeling the zine box with ‘take one’ too – do that on a sticker to match the graphic language? Maybe I should also label the jar on a sticker? Or sharpie to match the handwritten poster slogans?

More possibilities:

  • More zines (new cover stencil?)
  • More posters – do another hit, so that there’s lots round town to coincide with show? New stencils? More slogans?
  • Posters on boards for pride?
  • Distribute the poster boards on thurs (early in the day?) so that they’re around campus for show when people arrive

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